How to deal with narcissus flowers opened

Usually people will be opened to throw the ball narcissus flower, which is very unfortunate. Daffodil is a perennial, it is by the bulb to reproduce, if those who have re-opened flower bulb buried in the earth, it can continue to grow and reproduce.

Choose lee sunny, deep soil of the vegetable garden or nursery, after deep plowing Paping built into the high ridge, the ridge on the furrow, will have held a flower bulb buried in them, leaves Nature Reserve. A month later, the leaves wilt sleep, then rise bulbs, cut off the fibrous roots, and cut along the base of the leaves have been yellow, then the bulb buried in a depth of 10 cm is appropriate, and applied into the decomposition solution or one cake manure, then Baping. Not the easy way, to a buried pot trouble, because the bulb to the soil through the long spring, summer, autumn three seasons, especially summer and autumn, high temperature hot bulb buried in them, above and no leaves, if you forget to irrigate and fertilize them, will cause death of drought.

Handle the bulb, the back of the work is routine maintenance and management,How to deal with narcissus flowers opened, usually as long as sufficient attention given to garden nutrients, while maintaining the garden moist but not water, the bulb can be natural growth. Wait until November and December, when then dug bulbs, then you will find the old bulbs have been rotting empty,Flower Bulbs, but it has bred a number of large and small around the bulbs. Those big buds and more bulbs selected, washed the soil above, the surface of the brown film strip, and then placed on drying out the sun for several hours, then with a knife in the ball at the top of uniform, “10″ shaped incision, to not hurt the depth scales for the degree within the bud eye, to facilitate the buds and leaves grow. Into Water immersion 24 hours, wash the gel out of the incision on the mucus, you can keep a normal water. Usually 3 days later, the ball at the bottom of the white fibrous roots can grow, the ball leaves the terminal bud eye gradually eruption. For those small bulbs, flowering for that year will not, let them re-growth year in the soil until the following year, sturdy growth, then dug for water to support.

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Spring flowering bulbs flower cultivation techniqu

Spring flowering tulip cultivation method
Tulip harvest ball,Spring flowering bulbs flower cultivation techniques, after some processing (including a certain temperature processing), placed 9 ℃ under a period of time, the greenhouse about 25 days to flowering. 9 ℃ processing required for different species at different times, ranging from flowering time also. Some varieties suitable for 9 ℃ processing, treatment can not achieve through 9 ℃ flowering purposes. Spring flowering tulip varieties 9 ℃ processing time for the Spring Festival each year varies, that some varieties can bloom this Spring Festival, chinese New Year early next year if it can not bloom. Therefore, the annual Spring Festival can choose the correct variety is to ensure timely Spring flowering tulips bloom the key.

9 ℃ treatment tulip receiving the ball immediately after planting the seed to the box. Box the size of the plant varies according to conditions, there is no uniform standard. Domestic and imported Dutch bulbs usually working with the box size of 40 cm × 60 cm × 25 cm.

Species tulips breathable loose sandy loam soil requirements. Recommended 1 / 3 garden soil, 2 / 3 coarse river sand (gravel containing particles should be, that hand-rubbing river sand, the feeling of pain). Will be planted 3 cm bottom layer of coarse river sand (net river sand), and then planted into the soil 10 cm (1 / 3 garden soil, 2 / 3 coarse river sand). Will be planting bulbs placed in the box, the density of 40 cm × 60 cm, 80-100 species planted tank ball. Planting the ball into the box with the neck should be slightly into the soil after watering. Watering should be drenched. Another set of the ball at the top of the casing, but need to tip the ball out of the ground. Casing and then a small amount of water, pouring the new wet soil can be covered.

9 ℃ tulips in the greenhouse before shifting, to be sure the root of time. Will plant the tulip planting boxes placed around the room to take root 9 ℃ (can not see the light availability is closed). Varieties of plants more than 6 weeks 9 ℃ indoor roots, cut flowers varieties need more than 8 weeks of rooting time. In the rooting process, keep the soil moisture. Indoor humidity should be maintained at above 95%. Proper ventilation. But pay attention to ventilation, the air duct to keep soil moisture near the plant box. If the root is better confined indoors, in the process you do not need another root water. Of particular importance is always checking to maintain soil moisture.

The root of good health into the greenhouse tulips, the ideal temperature for the day and night 20 ℃, but the temperature 5 ℃ -22 ℃ and can grow between the time it would take about 30 days. Note that the daytime temperature is not higher than 25 ℃, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of flowers and flowering rate. Need special attention, planting boxes to be moved into the greenhouse after sunset in the afternoon to avoid the rooting chamber and temperature in the greenhouse that much difference. Moved into the greenhouse, the first watering should be drenched, after a week without watering. The second week, water every 2-3 days 1. With the growth of tulips, water demand will gradually increase, so late in the growth with particular attention to soil moisture.

In general, flower bulbs do not need to add fertilizer, bulbs store nutrients because basically ensure their needs grow and blossom.

5 ℃ Spring flowering tulip cultivation method

Bulbs after harvest, under the conditions of treatment at 5 ℃ for some time, 45-60 days flowering in the greenhouse (standard temperature). Similarly, not all tulips bloom can be handled by 5 ℃.

5 ℃ treated tulip ball on the cultivation method is relatively simple. Species immediately after receiving the ball go into the greenhouse, the temperature strictly controlled at 12 ℃ the following roots for 2 weeks. 2 weeks after the temperature gradually rose to 15 ℃ ,3-4 weeks after the temperature rose to 17 ℃. Special attention, 5 ℃ handling tulips planted in the greenhouse at a temperature not too high, especially in the first two weeks, more than 12 ℃ in temperature can cause infertility flower, lower flowering rate.

9 ℃ tulips with soil as required. Growth process to keep the soil moisture, but not too high. 2 weeks before the same water demand less rooting period. Irrigated after planting, one week later, gradually increase watering. With the growth of plants, water demand is also increasing.

Spring flowering lily cultivation method

Spring flowering lily cultivation methods and the cultivation of annual flowering the same way, the difference is in the north should pay attention to additional light. Plus 100-watt incandescent light method can be used / 10 square meters.

Flower Bulbs are loose on the soil permeability to the requirements of the strict requirements of soil fertility. Recommended in the original soil by adding 1/3-1/2 thick river sand, soil between pH5.5-6.5, not more than 7 or more. Planting, the ball should be left on the 10 cm soil, to ensure that bulbs take root. Lily root ball because the upper part of the new formation, the ball is too light will affect the upper casing to generate a new root, root for the new generation of future growth plays a decisive role. Kinds of bulbs after 2 weeks, the temperature should be controlled at below 15 ℃, in order to facilitate rooting. Lily is ideal for the growth temperature between 15 ℃ -25 ℃, according to the conditions, to meet growth requirements. Temperature is below the desired temperature will extend the growing season.

Spring flowering lily previous annual ball is the ball in storage for nearly 10 months, the growth rate of greenhouse than the Dutch reference books mentioned in the shorter 1-2 weeks, but if the greenhouse temperature is below the ideal temperature , the growth rate decreased.

Spring flowering hyacinth cultivation method

Spring flowering hyacinth can be handled by a special flower,lotus flowers, the user receives the kind of ball is usually treated. Normal flowering of early spring.

Spring flowering hyacinths and tulips on the same soil requirements. As the hyacinth root development easier, but also by water culture method of rooting. After receipt of the ball, it can be directly planted in pots can also be planted in the planting box. Shop the bottom of flower pots or plant boxes of coarse river sand 3-5 cm after the soil 10 cm. The bulbs into the soil a little with the neck, upper ball bold river sand to 1 / 3. The top of the ball must be 1 / 3 of exposed soil, in order to facilitate growth, development, irrigated.

Spring flowering hyacinth take 8-10 weeks to 9 ℃ rooting period. Different varieties, the roots need time different. Not all varieties can be Spring flowering hyacinth, and some species regardless of how to deal with, before the Spring Festival are not flowering. Hyacinth root temperature of 9 ℃, humidity of 95% or more, pay attention to rooting room ventilation, while paying attention to soil moisture, soil moisture should be checked regularly.

After completing the required cold treatment after rooting, flowering time can be followed by hyacinth into the greenhouse. Growth in the greenhouse for 3 weeks or so, the temperature 17 ℃ -25 ℃ for the best.

The sale of hyacinth bulbs can be done in advance to take root after, because at this time flowers have been exposed soil surface. If placed in the room, you can grow, blossom. So hyacinth roots can actually completed until just flowering, the lower part of the cylindrical flower spikes of color when they can sell. Note that proper watering, growth is also no need for additional fertilizer.

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Flower bulbs to be applied in the strengths and we

flower bulbs  is part of the underground plant stem or root abnormal, enlarged and nutrient storage in a large class of perennial herbs. Dutch tulips, hyacinth, musk, lily of Japan, china, narcissus and lilies, etc., are renowned in the world. The basic feature of the flowers is only open a single season, and then shoot wither and go dormant, hidden in the soil can not easily be noticed.

In landscaping, through rational distribution, this feature can be used to expand or extend the green time of flowering. Garden plants are mostly concentrated in spring and summer flowering, and flowering bulbous flowers concentrated in the spring, autumn and winter quarters,Flower bulbs to be applied in the strengths and weaknesses , giving the landscape a long time the color changes.

In recent years, extensive use of flowers interspersed with planting bulbs and other plants Hunzai way, to be used in landscape gardens can achieve good results. Possessed aromatic white colors, such as lily of the valley, planted on the forest edge, sloping lawn, with a strong visual and olfactory appeal; bulbous iris beautiful pose, upright stems, cluster planting on the lake, lawn edge to good effect; Lycoris in lush green leaves in winter, into a piece of grass growing in the woodland edge or under the ideal being; Zephyranthes strains neat cluster of low, lush flowers, long flowering period, the most suitable for forest planting, and slope.

Obviously, as an embellishment and added, bulbous flowers can bring a vibrant, seasonal continuous viewing. After flowering in bulbous flowers have withered flowers and leaves and hibernate for the remainder of the open space can be Hunzai cover plants.

While the bulbous flowers have so many advantages, but it is undeniable that, bulbous flowers in practical application there are also some shortcomings need to be overcome.

First, although its brightly colored, long flowering, easy cultivation, adaptability, but its resistance than other shrubs or herbaceous be weaker. In recent years, Zhejiang, often dry in summer, mixed planting Flower Bulbs do not mix the green land plants than flower bulbs need for water, green land, to conservation difficult.

Second Department of perennial plant flower bulbs, many years after planting, some will have degraded, need to be updated in time. Adaptability of the bulbous flowers when planted in the natural-style arrangement, without the annual harvest, may be every two years tulips, daffodils every three years,Flower Bulbs, class and lily Lycoris class every 3 years to 4 years, planted a wedge points.

Third, the conservation of trouble more details. As the bulbous flowers in bloom during the time the best cut off stray to prevent the firm, which can effectively extend the flowering period or the accumulation of nutrients, and promote the growth of bulbs, and to increase the amount of the following year’s flower garden to keep the best landscape. However, the actual maintenance operation, due to a large green area, the configuration of many kinds of flower bulbs, maintenance workers, it is difficult for new varieties of flowering plants in groups will be timely stray cut off, resulting in flowering time is too long, affecting the arrival of the landscape.

Even so, as long as the design took note of these problems and avoid them in future work, bulbous flowers, or to avoid weaknesses and play its due effect of the landscape, with broad market use value.

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Clever selection of flowers and green plants add a

Summer approaching, some flower plants if selected, will add a touch of cool for the room. Some renovation work was completed to prepare the family moved into their new homes at this time to add some suitable plants and flowers, can help eliminate the residual after the fitting of air pollutants. Experts suggest that, because plants are more sensitive to the environment, in the early completion of its renovation, more air pollution residues, not to buy expensive flowers and green plants. That summer, the choice of what flowers? How should conservation? Learning pretty much it.


Refreshing the provision of foul cited Fong

Intense summer sunlight, high temperature, the so-called ‘heat of summer just sleep’, easy dizzy, lack of energy. Lai Tai Flower Mall marketing manager Ye Hongyan introduced, this time at home raising a number of aromatic plants, such as pot herbs, jasmine, etc., can refresh, repel mosquitoes.

Flowers shaped like little ears, fluffy gray leaves were thin, grayish blue flowers,Clever selection of flowers and green plants add a cool home , long slender stems in. While it is not flowering, grow best in September, but it contains unique herbs taste, at this time can also choose.

Effects: Lavender had been quite common in Roman times, known as the ‘vanilla after’. The aroma can be refreshing eyesight, people comfortable, relieve anxiety, but also get rid of mosquitoes.

Conservation points: Lavender needs full sun and wet environment suitable to provide a better environment for full sun, semi-heat resistance, good cool, like cool, obscure at least 50% of the summer sun, and increase ventilation to reduce the ambient temperature. Roots often do not like lavender water retention, water in an irrigated, the soil should be dry to give water, the second best to water the soil surface is dry, moist inside, slightly wilting the leaves when appropriate.

Tip: repellent effect is limited, placing the larger the area, better, best used in conjunction with other repellent products.

Leaves the way for students born in the internode, there are oval, elliptical, etc., leaves are green, dark green and gray-green and so on. Fresh and slightly spicy mint flavor, can get rid of indoor humidity in summer, malaria, there are refreshing, get rid of mosquitoes role.

Conservation points: mint like bright light but not direct exposure to the sun’s place, also with a rich moisture. See recommended watering is to see the dry wet (‘see see wet dry’ is when the flowers of a common term, which means watering once drenched, and then wait until the soil dry faster the second time and then poured the water, its use is to prevent too much water and cause rot caused by moisture worms.)

Tip: mint plants commercially available pesticides can not be played to determine whether it is advisable not to eat.

White Phalaenopsis

Large wide leaf, stem from one to several pieces of arches, flowers large and the shape of butterflies, flowers beautiful pose, the treasures of tropical orchids, there are ‘blue in the Queens’ reputation. Phalaenopsis variety of colors, summer, appropriate selection of white, white, cool colors, looks cool and elegant, peaceful quiet.

Conservation points: Phalaenopsis shade, at room temperature not too high, like ventilation, moist environment, requires air humidity maintained at 60% to 80%, and maintain good ventilation, preferably with the breeze, avoid hot wind, the basin not too much water.

Tip: Summer selection Phalaenopsis, you can focus on to see two points, one bud to be more, and second, the petals should be thick,lotus flowers, so it can maintain better than a longer flowering.

Leaves green, flowers white and elegant, with single lobe, petals, leaf, compound leaf divided, flowers fragrant, late spring early summer flowering annual, flowering in July -10 for the month.

Conservation points: jasmine hi fat, especially long flowering period, need more fertilizer, applied per week during the growing season to be a thin cake. Likes the warm and moist, well-ventilated, grow best in half shade environment, filled summer day, morning and evening watering, such as air drying, need to add water.

Cut flowers

Select some colors and elegant cut flowers in summer grass flowers to match, such as small pieces of chrysanthemum, willow and other long phase with the visual feel cool, while flowering and longer, up to about two weeks.

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Hungarian National Flower – Geranium

Day, also known as Lan Kwai wax red, originating in South Africa,Flower Bulbs, cultivation is widespread in Europe, is potted and bedding plants is one of the main types. Not only is she the pride of the African people, is also very popular in Europe and Asia. Germany, Spain and Hungary and other countries have attached great importance to geranium production and breeding. Hungary will be as colorful geranium flower.

Geranium Flower ball huge, brilliant colors,Hungarian National Flower – Geranium, colorful leaves, in which upright geraniums, potted flowers is the leader.

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Finland’s national flower – lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley of the original species distribution throughout Asia, Europe and North America,chinese, especially at higher latitudes, many born in mountain valleys and forest edge the grass. Lily of the valley is a rare aromatic plants, its flowers can extract high aromatic oils.

Lily of the valley of a small bell-shaped Flowers flower raceme was born in the top of the stem to one side. If the string hanging white bell flowers, a Flower stem 6 to 10, gleaming noble, elegant exquisite fine. Hong Yun rich, graceful floating,Finland’s national flower – lily of the valley , quiet Qin heart, intoxicated.

Lily of the valley in Finland, Sweden, Yugoslavia’s national flower, wedding in France often see. Send this flower to the bride, is happy to congratulate the new arrival. Probably because such a shape like a small bell-like flowers, reminiscent of a small bell bar evoke happiness. In addition, the growth of lily of the valley area because little has been known as “lily of the valley,” gives a “pure fresh” feeling. In friendship exchanges, lily of the valley has always been said that “happiness, pure, virgin,” the proud “innocent girl being given” and good wishes.

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Malaysia’s national flower – hibiscus

Although hibiscus is Malaysia, Panama and the Republic of Fiji Islands flower, is Hawaii’s state Flower, hibiscus, but the origin is in china, and the long history of cultivation.

Hibiscus, also known as hibiscus, originating in southern China. Prefer warm humid climate, frost intolerant. Intolerant of shade, preferably in a sunny, airy place the growth of the soil not strict, but in the fertile, loose and slightly acidic soils of the best winter temperatures not lower than 5 ℃.

Hibiscus varieties are more colorful, according to the petals can be divided into single lobe, multiple lobe, according to the color can be divided into red, pink, yellow, blue, white, dark red petals of which were somewhat similar, is not common,Malaysia’s national flower – hibiscus, therefore, hibiscus name.

Hibiscus cultivars Jin Ye Jin leaves the flower, also known as hibiscus,tractor, to the main foliage, leaf color white, red, yellow and green stripes changes, very beautiful.

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Queen of flowers – orchids

Country of Origin Malaysia is a tropical orchid Phalaenopsis orchid is a perennial herb. Hot and humid banks of river Chuanhai Phalaenopsis forest trees is attached to the growth areas. Breeders use to search and seize the precious parts of the original species of artificial mating, breeding out of form, color-rich cultivars. Because of its large Seyan flower, beautiful and unique Flower, attracting people of the world’s attention and won the “Queen of Orchids,” Blair said.

Since ancient times, chinese people’s preference for unique butterfly. Butterfly butterfly spread through the ages, for people tells a poignant love story; friends read their loved ones, ears always sounded the beautiful lyrics,Queen of flowers – orchids, “You seem a butterfly flew into my window ….” Phalaenopsis Orchids was originally, but because of its shape resembles a butterfly, making people feel warm to her. You see her, generous leaves, roots exposed on the outside, the long stems of tall thin petals Dieyi, want to fly like a butterfly valve state is also off. Phalaenopsis in a long, slender stems to show the curl Tingting’s charming, not help people not to pity and love. If the roses and cloves are traditional and classic, it is the fashion and favorite orchid. Shy Rose always quietly showing off hosting the Games, while the orchid is pure country as worldly girl, once the bloom,Flower Bulbs, they give it everything crystal-clear is absolutely shattered, flower petals come together to show the kind of publicity in the restrained , people have endless reverie, so she won himself and the world around. So people are giving her rich, elegant, rights, longevity comment.

Butterfly Orchids brightly colored, long flowering, was used for a variety of occasions. White represents high Shang Chunjie, warm and festive red is reflected. For color, there are two hobbies: Some people like makeup, requires strong colors; some people like Dan Ma, prefer simple and elegant. In other countries, the more popular white orchid; and domestic, red fallen in love with people. You can decorate according to their preferences home environment, whether it is the living room bedroom, or the window a few cases, Phalaenopsis total cash Yihe affordable. As a gift, orchid growing has become the first choice. Bring a patient to visit to show love and best wishes; birthday and offer sincere friendship between a pot of expression; congratulations to the opening or housewarming, brought a combination of potted orchid as a gift, unconventional, more festive atmosphere. It is particularly worth mentioning is that in the wedding night, when married, the bride’s bouquet in hand and ultimately, the ghost orchid. White wedding dress before the bride, in white with a pink orchid softly sway, will raise a couple of romantic love when the memories of a happy life will strengthen mutual confidence.

More interesting is the “Phalaenopsis” English scientific name is “the same as the moth” means, it is probably because often only a moth in the biosphere can have beautiful wings and color because of it. However, in this Rose “flood” season, in almost all couples in friends who are not afraid of being beautiful are the “sting”, right? Then choose a beautiful orchid to give your sweetheart on her (him) say “I love you.”

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The medicinal value of chrysanthemum

Daisy is not only ornamental value, and excellent both food and medicine, to eat fall chrysanthemums have good health care value.

 Chrysanthemum taste joys, slightly cold, Daisy and Daisy’s house points, including home-Ju Liver eyesight, Daisy Qudu scattered fire. chinese medicine used for treating red eyes, throat swelling and pain, tinnitus, Fengreganmao, headache, hypertension, sore treatment and drugs, and other diseases. If long-term consumption, as well as “profit blood gas, light-weight, sickness” effect.

 According to modern medical analysis, chrysanthemum was found to contain a lot of vitamins, trace elements and other substances, can play anti-oxidation, anti-aging and so on. It is also because the efficacy and high nutritional value daisy, chrysanthemum many places have the custom of eating. According to Yang Yu a new introduction, in particular, white daisy chrysanthemums better, Chrysanthemum, Huangshan Gongju, Fukuyama feverfew are all top grade.

 Daily, people often soaked in water to drink chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum tea brewing, it is best to use a transparent glass, each placed four, five, and then boiling water to until seven or eight into hot water when you can see tea gradually lead to slightly yellow. Chrysanthemum tea can also add hawthorn, honeysuckle,The medicinal value of chrysanthemum, jasmine, etc., to make it more health value.

 In addition, you can daisy fresh, dry food, raw food, cooked food, such as the chrysanthemum as accessories into the dish, can also play the role of health care.

 Chrysanthemum is good, but some people should not eat. Yang, cold, and others the best use of chrysanthemum,lotus flowers, and fell in love with the fire were the most suitable for consumption chrysanthemum.

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Beijing in five years into five flowers industrial

Beijing has been one of the three big flower consumption one of centers. The next five years, this city will be in Beijing international flowers Hong Kong, changping xiaotangshan and nankou, fang shan magmatic changyang, tongzhou sets built lake five Flower industry park, the flower industry area reaches 6700 hectares. This is a reporter from the convened by Beijing forestry industry conference of the learned. Vice mayor XiaZhanYi to attend the meeting.
After several years of forestry industry structure adjustment, the city of forestry industry layout is reasonable. The fruit trees formed eight big advantage industry tree species industry. Flower production and professional basic form regional pattern. The whole city of various kinds of nursery to 1086. Bees form ZhuanYeCun 20 DuoGe, industry of the market more than 4000 households.
This year’s meeting of the forestry industry makes a deployment. The fruit trees industry, to further advance the quality “to” project, multi-function fruit trees make industries; The flower industry structure upgrade in Beijing, speed up the construction of port and international Flowers five flower industry garden area. Completed trees germplasm resources, forest survey released germplasm resource directory. Construction three bee industrial base, new bees 30000 group.
XiaZhanYi said, forestry industry is urban modern agriculture is the important component of the economic and social development in Beijing has played an important role. Each area county should attach great importance to the development of forestry industry, go high-end efficiency and security of high-quality goods road. Market oriented,Flower Delivery, prosperous common people as the center,Beijing in five years into five flowers industrial park , extend the industrial chain, increase the added value of forestry industry. Strive to 2015, the forestry industry output value over 10 billion yuan.

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